Companies at the highest levels of digital maturity – numbering about 1 in 4 enterprise organizations across North America and Europe – rely on data “as a foundation for all of their digital efforts,” says Adobe in its 2017 Digital Marketing Study. Read the entire article here: How Enterprise Organizations Are Enhancing Data-Driven Marketing – […]

Google requires advertising agencies and resellers of their ad services to be completely transparent with their customers.  What that means is, as an advertiser you are entitled to know the exact cost of your ads. It’s the price that Google would sell search, display, retargeting and YouTube video ads direct to the customer. Google’s rules […]

For the first time, AdWords advertisers with sufficient data will be able to select the new data driven attribution model as a public beta, which is also available in Analytics 360, Attribution 360, and DoubleClick. Read the entire article here: Analytics Blog: Move beyond last click attribution in AdWords

Analytics help you understand your customers’ experience. Attribution informs your marketing mix. For brands with multiple digital and offline marketing channels it’s about both working together. Read the entire article here: The Path to Better Measurement: Analytics and Attribution – Think with Google

Broadcast media doesn’t just drive consumers directly to websites — it drives searches. Now, TV attribution lets you analyze minute-by-minute aggregated Google Search query data against spot-related keywords to detect and attribute search “micro-conversions” to specific TV airings. Read the entire article here Introducing Search Response and Airings Data in TV Attribution – Analytics Blog

Google says, “Like sunshine and the beach, or dogs and tennis balls, Google AdWords and Google Analytics are great by themselves but even better together.” Read the entire article here Best Practices: Combine AdWords with Google Analytics for Better Insights, Bidding and Results – Analytics Blog.

To help make it easier for advertisers to reach their most qualified customers, Google has enabled retargeting with a single toggle. Instead of manually updating all of your site tags, simply use Instant Activation and get started with Google remarketing (retargeting) in four easy steps. Read the entire article here Start Remarketing with Google Analytics […]

The Google Analytics blog published ecommerce trends around the world right around the new year.  In the United States: the transactions trend clearly shows that users purchase mostly up to a week before Christmas Day and no improvement is seen in early January, although sessions do return to normal quickly after New Year’s Eve. Read […]

Google Analytics announces the launch Google Analytics Demos & Tools, a new website geared toward helping Google Analytics developers tackle the challenges they face most often. Read the entire news release here: Google Analytics Demos & Tools – Analytics Blog.