A new report from Advertiser Perceptions, based on a survey of more than 600 US marketers, confirms that some are considering moving their business from traditional agencies to the digital arms of consulting firms. Read the entire article here: 1 in 3 Marketers Are Considering Non-Traditional Agency Alternatives – Marketing Charts

“Higher education CIOs ranked digital business/digital transformation as the fifth most strategic business priority. However, when it comes to the top technology areas these institutions are investing in to differentiate themselves, digitalization/digital marketing ranks only eighth amongst higher education respondents, compared to second across all industries.” Read the entire article here: Higher education CIOs expect […]

Google requires advertising agencies and resellers of their ad services to be completely transparent with their customers.  What that means is, as an advertiser you are entitled to know the exact cost of your ads. It’s the price that Google would sell search, display, retargeting and YouTube video ads direct to the customer. Google’s rules […]

The term MBA and its variations accounted for 5 of the top 20 keywords by search spend, based on an analysis of US Google desktop text ad activity for the top 50,000 education keywords through the first half of this year. Read the entire article here: Here Are The Top Education Keywords in Paid Search […]

New research suggests that Millennials are heavily impacted by the views of friends and family. However, user-generated content – also long associated with Millennials – is perhaps even more influential. Read the entire article here: Millennials Rely on W-O-M More Than Other Adults When Researching Consumer Goods

Social Media is supreme. Publishing channels such as direct mail, TV, print and radio will prove to be smaller touch points, per respondents, although they hold a significant degree of influence over consumers’ purchases today. Read the entire article here: What Strategic Programs Will Define Marketing Departments in 2020?

To populate their online programs and appear more selective, colleges hire shady companies to generate clicks and inquiries, then drive those inquiries to call centers using sophisticated scoring algorithms. Read the entire article here: Too much is being spent on a higher education marketing assault (essay)

The University of Oregon announced on Wednesday that it had canceled a multimillion-dollar contract with a branding firm and planned to funnel the savings into academics Read the entire article here: U. of Oregon Cancels Branding Contract, Will Spend Money on Academics – The Ticker – Blogs – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Understanding how their students fare in the workforce post-graduation allows program and marketing directors to tweak program content, improve messaging to prospective students, and make a stronger case to employers as higher education institutions compete for diminishing tuition reimbursement dollars. Read the entire article here Top Priority for Higher Education Execs Shifts to Career Outcomes

When it comes to personalization tactics, it seems that tactics that identify shoppers by name or other personally identifiable information are generally considered “creepy.” Source: Consumers Rate In-Store Personalization Tactics as Cool or Creepy