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Google has added a new feature to their local services as, the special local ads that appear for searchers that are looking for a specific business type in their local area, to give estimates for specific jobs in their area. Read the entire article here: Google Local Service Ads Display Pricing Estimates for Specific Locations

Don’t bother for the keywords, “near me” in SEO. It probably won’t be long before Google will ignore that phrase, or reduce its effectiveness, in order to provide the best search results. Read the entire article here: Google & Optimizing for Local “Near Me” Searches in Search Results

A Local ranking factors study finds reviews, organic SEO best practices boost local visibility The basic conclusions of the Local Ranking Factors study are that: (1) organic ranking factors (e.g., links, keywords, anchor text, etc.) boost local visibility; and (2) reviews are critical. The study argues that “local and organic search algorithms are still highly […]

SEO for local business has gone through a number of changes. Now, it seems Google updates will require a new look at vertical-specific ranking factors. Read the entire article here: SEO ranking factors for 4 business verticals and what they mean for local businesses

Here are 2 quick tests to determine if your business is Local Search Engine Optimized. The tests should take no more than 30 seconds each. Go ahead, give it a try! Test 1: The Mobile Phone Test While you are in your place of business ask Siri: “Where Are The Best {insert your business category} […]

Beware of companies who call, claim they are from Google, and threaten that their your listing will be removed if they don’t pay up. Read the entire article here: UK Shuts Down Firm Impersonating Google Over Local Listings

“In September 2010, about seven years ago, Google released their “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, here is the PDF download. When Gary Illyes from Google was asked if the document is “still relevant/best practices” Gary said yes it is.” Read the entire article on Search Engine Roundtable here: Google’s SEO Starter Guide From 2010 Still […]

If you want to update your location information on Siri, you must have a direct integration with Apple Maps — something Yext has had since 2015. Read the entire article here: A Better Way: Reach, Access, Details & Scale (Part 2 of 10) – Yext

“Local SEO was often a sideshow in the search world. But with the rise of mobile (post-iPhone), the increasingly clear link between digital research and offline buying, the value of local listings management has become obvious to brands and marketers.” Search Engine Land Read the entire article here: The Yext IPO and the triumph of […]