The rise of digital ads continues unabated. Internet advertising revenue in the US had the highest Q3 growth rate in a decade with the exception of Q3 2016, according to the latest revenue figures [press release] from the IAB and PwC. Read the entire article here: US Internet Advertising Revenues Post 22% Y-O-Y Gain in […]

Online ad revenues in the US grew by 21.4% year-over-year in 2017 to total $88 billion, per the latest revenue report from the IAB and PwC [pdf]. Revenues for the fourth quarter were up by about 21% year-over-year as the shift to mobile continued. Here are 5 takeaways from the report. Read the entire article […]

The findings of a Boston Consulting Group report commissioned by Google are summarized in a Think With Google article, “The Value of an Integrated Platform for Programmatic Buying.” The report outlines 5 key steps to improving digital marketing campaigns in a Big Data / Programmatic Buying world. Based on the research, “On average, the results […]

More than 9 in 10 senior technology marketers believe that it’s critical or very important that their media partners deliver on promises (92%) and demonstrate reach into key targets (91%) Read the entire article here What Tech Marketers Want From Their Media Partners – And Why.

A slim majority of marketers and salespeople from around the world say that their lead generation effectiveness is improving, while just 1 in 10 see it worsening Read the entire article here: 4 in 5 Companies Report Steady or Increasing Costs-Per-Lead.