Google requires advertising agencies and resellers of their ad services to be completely transparent with their customers.  What that means is, as an advertiser you are entitled to know the exact cost of your ads. It’s the price that Google would sell search, display, retargeting and YouTube video ads direct to the customer. Google’s rules […]

Creating a video ad can be challenging. To make it easier for every business— from a dog walker to a barber shop owner—to get started with advertising on YouTube, we’re launching the YouTube Director suite of products. Three products that make video ads more accessible to businesses. Read the entire article here: Official YouTube Blog: […]

YouTube went on the offensive on Thursday, saying it doesn’t shortchange artists but is rather a generous and nurturing force in the music community. Critics who claim the video streamer pays Read the entire article here: YouTube says it pays artists more generously than radio does

Google announces Bumper ads – a new six-second video format, sold through the AdWords auction on a CPM basis. Read the entire article here: Inside AdWords: Built for mobile: Bumper ads drive incremental reach and frequency, particularly on smartphones

YouTube today launched a brand new YouTube Music app. With YouTube Music, you’ll get a completely new type of experience, designed to make discovering music on YouTube easier than ever. Read the entire article here: Official YouTube Blog: A YouTube built just for music

Google no longer supports the small amount of YouTube buying happening on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.  All video ads will be purchased on Adwords or the DoubleClick Bid Manager. Read the entire article here: DoubleClick Advertiser Blog: Focusing investments to improve buying on YouTube

The TrueView skippable ad format introduced a new question for advertisers: who chooses to watch an ad when they’re given the choice to skip? Read the entire article here: To Skip or Not to Skip – What Keeps People Watching? — Think with Google

After spending a few years plugging Google+ into all of its services — even as users of those services complained — Google is rolling that back. Read the entire article here: Google ‘retires’ G+ as a requirement, starting with YouTube (update)

360 degree video ads let you engage your audience in an entirely new way. Available today in Chrome and the YouTube app on Android and iOS, viewers can explore every angle of your videos by dragging their mouse or moving their phone to shift their POV 360 degrees – up, down, left or right. Read […]

London-based Ampere predicts a new advertising “arms race” between Facebook and YouTube, neck and neck in terms of audience sizes with around 1.4 billion to 1.3 billion monthly active users, respectively. Read the entire article here: Facebook gaining ground on YouTube in video ads, report says